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Lawn Mowers - Riding  Mower, Garden Tractor, Zero Turn, Push Mower, Bagger, Self Propelled, Mulcher Rototillers, Weed Eaters, Blowers Chainsaws - Mark's Sales & Leasing Window Air Conditioners, Portable Air Conditioner, Fans - Mark's Sales & Leasing Musical Instruments - Guitars, Band, Drums, Strings Snow Blowers, Snow Throwers, Plows - Mark's Sales & Leasing Fireplaces, Heaters, Portable heaters - Mark's Sales & Leasing
Lawn Mowers & Tractors
Rototillers & Yard Equipment
Air Conditioners & Fans
Musical Instruments
Snowblowers & Winter Equipment

Fire Places & Portable Heaters


Seasonal Items & Anything Else You Want, We'll Get It For You

Mark's Sales & Leasing has all your yard equipment, air and heat, or instruments right here, and
worry free. We aren't interested in credit checks, everyone is pre-approved. We just want to see
you with a new lawn mower, lawn and garden equipment, heaters, air conditioners, musical
instruments, or anything else you want. If you want it, we'll get it for you. Mark's Sales & Leasing
has everything you want right here in Williamsport. If we don't have it in our store today, we'll get
it for you. Look through our selections below and buy your seasonal equipment today. Mark's
equipment has several payment methods available, such as 120 days same as cash, you can buy
the mower, snowblower, fireplace, or pretty much anything else you want now at our lowest price,
or we can arrange a manageable payment plan for a rental contract. You only need to come pick
out what you want or tell us, determine how you want to pay, and you can take it home today,
or we can even deliver them for you free of charge. All equipment comes with a repair contract,
and we'll come service you equipment for the length of your contract.


Lawn Mowers & Garden Tractors

Need a new lawn mower to keep up with your yard? Mark's Sales and Leasing has a new mower to tackle any size yard.
We have a riding mowers, garden tractors, zero-turn mowers, push mowers, baggers, mulchers, self propelled & much
more. Anything you could need to keep your yard in top condition we have in our store, or we can order you the
set of your dreams. Mark's rent to own options make it easy for you to get exactly what you want at a low price. Can't
afford to buy it all right now? Worry no longer. Mark's offers special pricing just for your budget. You can set up a
payment plan, or pay within 120 days and your purchase is just like paying cash. Don't wait any longer for the
lawn mower you need. Call Mark's Sales and Leasing today!


Troybuilt Riding Lawn Mower - Mark's Sales & Leasing Zero Turn Mower - Mark's Sales & Leasing Garden Tractor - Mark's Sales & Leasing Self Propelled Bagger Mulcher Mower - Mark's Sales & Leasing

19HP 42' Cut Troy-Bilt
Riding Mower

Troy-Bilt Zero Turn

22HP 46' Cut Troy-Bilt
Riding Lawn Tractor

Self Propelled Bagging
Push Mower


Lawn Mowers from Troybuilt, Huqvarna & John Deere


Rototillers & Handheld Yard Equipment

Your yard can be a jungle without the right equipment to keep it in check. Mark's Sales & Leasing has all the yard
equipment you'll need to get the job done. The best thing about buying your hand held yard equipment
from Mark's Sales and Leasing is that we have many different ways to pay. You can pay right up front and we'll delivery it,
right to your house, as well as the maintenance on your new equipment. Another option is our 120 days same as cash option.
We'll deliver it right to your house and you have plenty of time to get all your finances in order. Mark's rent to own
option is great for those on a budget. You can set up easy payments on your new rototiller and we'll give you a regular
budget amount to help you get it now. When it's cold outside, there is nothing more handy than a snowblower when it
comes to shoveling the driveway. Stop with the shovels, and step up to a handy Troy-Bilt snow blower for your snow removal.

Cutting wood? We've got heavy duty log splitters available now.


Rototillers - Mark's Sales & Leasing Weed Eaters - Mark's Sales & Leasing troybuilt snow blower - Mark's Sales & Leasing Log Splitter

Troy-Bilt Rototiller

Weed Eaters

Troy-Bilt Snow Blowers

Log Splitter


Rototillers, Weed Eaters, Blowers, Chainsaws,Trimmers, Log Splitters & Other Hand Held Yard Equipment


Air Conditioners, Fans

Air conditioners and fans are a must in our area. In the hot and humid summers of Central PA, you'll need air conditioners
to keep you and your family cool. Mark's Sales & Leasing has both of these extreme weather conditions. Mark
has window mount air conditioners and portable air conditioners available. All of them are top energy performing machines
with Energy Star ratings. We also have many different options for fans to keep the air in your home moving. You will love
the payment options that Mark's has, that's one of the best parts. You can buy your air conditioner today, or we offer 120 days
same as cash, or manageable payment plans so you can fit the price of your air conditioner within your budget.


Window Unit - Arctic King - Mark's Sales & Leasing Portable Air Conditioner - Mark's Sales & Leasing Black & Desker Window Air Conditioner - Mark's Sales & Leasing Fans - Mark's Sales & Leasing

Arctic King Air Conditioner

Portable Air Conditioners

Black & Decker Window
Unit Air Conditioners



Window Air Conditioners, Portable Air Conditioners, Fans, Air Purifiers, & Dehumidifiers


Musical Instruments of Every Kind

Looking for musical instruments? You've come to the right place to rent instruments from children's instruments for school
or professional. Mark's Sales and Leasing has a rental plan for any type of musical instrument in and around Williamsport.
We can get you anything from guitar and bass or amps and peddles to drums for your band. Children in the orchestra or
school band can benefit from a rent to own plan on strings like violin, bass, cello, viola, or brass instruments like sax,
trumpet, trombone, clarinet, flute and more. The greatest part about buying or renting your instrument from Mark's Sales
and leasing are the multiple payment options, and service and maintenance is included. You can rent to own your
instrument or get 120 days same as cash, or buy it on the spot. Mark will get you whatever instrument you want, and if we
don't have it in the store now, we'll order it for you and we can have it to you in no time at all.


Guitar & Amps - Mark's Sales & Leasing Wind Instruments - Trumpet, Sax, Clarinet - Mark's Sales & Leasing Drums - Mark's Sales & Leasing - Williamsport string instruments - vilin, cello, bass - Mark's Sales & Leasing

Acoustic & Electric Guitars

Wind Instruments


String Instruments


Guitars, Amps, Saxophone, Trumpet, Flute, Drums, PA Equipment, Violin, Cello, Bass




Portable Fire Places & Heaters

During the frigid winters around WIlliamsport, we know how important heaters and fireplaces are for your home. Mark's Sales and
Leasing offers a few different brands and styles of portable home heaters that will keep you warm all winter long. So keep your
family warm all winter with a beautiful electric fireplace from Mark's Sales and Leasing. You can rent to own your heater or fireplace,
get it now and pay within 120 days and get it same as cash on the first day, or we can give you a great deal if you come ready to pay
today. You don't have to worry about stuffing your new heater in your car either. Delivery and setup are standard with every purchase
from Mark's Sales and Leasing. Call Mark's Sales and Leasing today - 570-322-8841


Fireplace - Mark's Sales & Leasing Fireplace Heater - Mark's Sales & Leasing Portable Heater - Mark's Sales & Leasing  

Electric Fireplace

Electric Space Heater

Stand Up Radiant
Space Heater


Electronic Fireplaces, Electric Space Heaters, Radiant Space Heaters, & Many More



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Photos may not represent actual units available. Please stop in to Mark's Sales and Leasing to see what we have in stock now. If we don't have exactly what you're looking for, we can get it for you.